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Fin tube evaporator, condenser, coil, heat exchanger,

Material: Copper tube and aluminum fin or Aluminum tube and aluminum fin

Used For£ļ Auto / Bus/ Truck/ Tractor/School bus/ Engineering van/heavy truck/Heavy Duty Trucks, Off Road Vehicles and Agricultural Machinery etc

Product length: up to 6meters, L or U Model

Product height: not limited

Diameter of tube: °”6£¨°”7, °”7.94, °”8£¨°”9.52, °”12, °”12.7£¨°”15.88 etc. or customized OD Available. Copper or aluminum tube

Fin space/FPI: 1.5- 9mm, adjusted according to your need

Fin type: flat or corrugated or wave or Louvered

We can develop the evaporators, condensers, heat exchangers and coils according to your drawings or samples.

HC.48.0001tractor evaporatortractor evaporator
HC.48.0002engineering vanengineering van
HC.48.0003Copper tube and al fin evaporator for agricultural vehiclefor agricultural vehicle
HC.48.0004al tube and al fin evaporator for busFor bus
HC.48.0005agricultural vehicle condenseragricultural vehicle
HC.48.0006stainless steel condenser
tube:diameter 9.52mm stainless steel tube
fin:aluminum or copper fin
HC.48.0007material:copper,aluminum,galvanized plate
copper pipe:diameter 7mm,7.94mm,9.52mm,etc,inner groover or smooth tube
HC.48.0008heavy truck heaterheavy truck
HC.48.0010fin tube condenser for freezerfin tube condenser for freezer
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